Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Hangin' Around"...new release from Mike Teardrop Trio...Slappin' Rockabilly!

Mike Teardrop Trio might be a new name on the Swedish Rockabilly scene but the word is already spreading about this trio that really fills a void with their style and sound. With a driving Slap-bass, harmonies and a touch of good ole country music in there somewhere, they have formed a sound not present in many bands today.

Mike Teardrop himself has played bass with various bands on the Swedish circuit, although he has nurtured a dream to sing and front his own band for some time, so, when teaming up with Rasmus Andersson on guitar and Henrik Ulander on drums, there was no stopping and him and now it’s finally a dream come true!

On their debut album, "Hangin' Around", released through Enviken Records, they have gathered a lot of great songs from their favourite artists like Conway Twitty, Rodney Crowell, Johnny Horton, Russell Scott, Kingcats and lots more.

Hangin’ Around
What A Wonderful Life
Stay True Baby
Don’t Go Too Far
Living Too Fast
She’s Crazy For Leavin'
I’ll Wait Forever
Time Of My Life
Work My Magic
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
Next In Line
Six Dollar Trim
Crazy Dreams

That’s It - I Quit – I’m Movin’ On

Marty's review: Fans of rockabilly will eat this one up. A driving beat, slapping bass, twangin' guitar and top-notch vocals combined with a song selection from past and present, these Swedish rockers know how to get you up on your feet, tap your toes and just get things moving. They have combined a vintage sound with a contemporary edge and deliver it in style. Have a look at the track list above and see if you recognise any of these, I know you will. 

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