Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Manhattan Transfer...Jukin'...debut album from 1971

Manhattan Transfer's first album from 1971 has been described as "a bit rugged and unpolished but with a sense of humor".

This album is a collection of eclectic styles (primarily big band swing plus country, rock, pop) featuring a tremendous range of vocals and instrumentation. The production of this album is beyond words. A great opportunity for young musicians to experience music that they would never be exposed to through the mediums of radio and video. You be the judge.

1. Chicken Bone Bone
2. I Need A Man
3. You're A Viper
4. Fair And Tender Ladies
5. Rosianna
6. Sunny Disposish
7. Java Jive
8. One More Time Around Rosie
9. Guided Missiles
10. Roll Daddy, Roll