Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vintage Burlesque Style Video for "Holy Grail" by Dutch Bohemian Music band Zorita


Zorita are a raucous rousing rabble. The band’s bohemian music boasts an eclectic mixture of instruments like the accordion, trumpet and violin. In combination with bass, drums and guitars, as well as front man Carlos Zorita Diaz’ raw voice, this creates a completely unique sound. Boldly blending influences from South America, the Mediterranean, Balkan and Folk music, an evening with Zorita is guaranteed to breathe life into any party. In their own words, the eight musicians of Zorita describe their well-oiled ragtag collection of instruments, styles and personalities as ‘Musica Vagabunda’.

The Video: Zorita meets Zorita! 

Zorita (born Kathryn Boyd, 1915–2001) was an American burlesque dancer. She was best known for a twenty minute dance which she performed with two boa constrictors called Elmer and Oscar.

In 1949 Zorita starred in the sexploitation film 'I married a savage'. Only the trailer still exists. The movie poster reads: The strange thrill story of a savage love… with secrets unrevealed until now!

Zorita (the band) were intrigued by the obscurity – the story and footage fit their song 'Holy Grail' like a glove. It is a homage to the amazing Zorita.

Music and words: Carlos Zorita Diaz & Robert Orvalho

Music performance: Zorita

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Extra cool music video for the song "Take Me Back" by vintage rock artist Cado

Vintage Rock artist, Cado, has just released the first video from his recently released EP "Take Me Back". The song is a boppin', rockin', jivin' and swingin' number that harks back to the days of Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. The video is a very clever cut and mix effort with footage from American Bandstand combined with Cado "doing his thing". This will make you put on your dancing shoes and jump and jive along with it.

Get The Full EP Here *** https://cadomusic.bandcamp.com *** 



Music Video filmed, directed and edited by Second Frame Films

Music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Cado
Mastered by Peter Maher Mastering https://www.petemaher.com

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra..."Puttin' On the Ritz"

The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra originally formed in 1978 and were an internationally acclaimed company of top musicians who specialized in performing authentic arrangements of Salon, Theatre and Dance Orchestra music from the era of 1900-1945.

Their music was not only sweet and sentimental but unexpectedly robust, syncopated, sparkling and humorous. They also displayed a talent for singing, whistling, tap dancing, very dramatic acting, fox trotting and wicked tangoing.

"Puttin On the Ritz" was released in 1986 and the arrangements of the songs are all genuinely from the 1920's and 1930's using a violin trio, as well as saxophones and brass, that give that unique, evocative period sound of the Great Dance Band days.

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