Sunday, December 7, 2014

Retro-Electro artist Joanne Weaver's unique version of "SWAY" from her forthcoming album Interstellar Songbook II

A planet hurls through space. Zoom in on a couple, eyeing each other from across a dance floor; almost circling each other like two hungry tigers. Maybe it's on Earth; maybe not. It's a timeless story. The music begins...and so does the story.....

"Retro-Electro" artist Joanne Weaver's latest release is a version of the all-time classic "Sway" from her forthcoming album Interstellar Songbook II. Joanne takes classic jazz standards and creates a fresh, contemporary version with her own unique style.

Check out the new single for yourself on the SoundCloud link below, brought to you for your slinky, sultry...and maybe a little bit salacious...listening pleasure. Enjoy .....

Click here to listen to "SWAY" now.


Skope Magazine called Joanne's previous album "amazing...Grade: A." while The Ticker describes her voice as "velvety as the curtains that hug the stage". The songstress receives inspiration from and pays homage to great artists like Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee, David Lynch and Julee Cruise.  

Find out more about Joanne on her official website click here

Have a listen also to Joanne's version of "Black Coffee" from her previous album"Interstellar Songbook"and her recent single "Golden Earrings"