Monday, August 24, 2015

Herb Alpert presents Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66..landmark album from 1966

This is the album that put Brasil'66 on the map and transformed Sergio Mendes from a respected jazz pianist to an international pop star.  It's been called some of the best samba music of all time with its rich and full production. Herb Alpert knew what he was onto when he gave this album kudos back nearly 40 years ago, and the album has maintained its greatness all through the decades.

The album is a milestone for Bossa Nova and for what was going to be known as Brazilian Jazz; no serious Bossa Nova collection would be complete without this jewel by Maestro Sergio Mendes.

 1. Mais Que Nada
 2. One Note Samba / Spanish Flea  
 3. The Joker
 4. Going Out Of My Head
 5. Tim Dom Dom  
 6. Day Tripper  
 7. Agua De Beber
 8. Slow Hot Wind
 9. O Pato

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