Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ray Conniff and Billy Butterfield...Just Kiddin' Around


Ray Conniff on trombone, Billy Butterfield on trumpet, plus organ, guitar and rhythm section (uncredited). This is the small group that plays the great music in this 1963 get-together of old friends Conniff and Butterfield, kiddin' around with their horns on several standards. "Alexander's Ragtime Band","Heartaches", and "When I Grow Too Old to Dream" receive an uptempo treatment with Ray's trombone and Billy's trumpet!

This album is a real throwback to the big band music of the forties and fifties, and, if you like music, you'll love it! When you hear "Peg 'O My Heart," you will likely want to grab somebody and dance to it. They did an excellent job of putting real quality sound into the album, and this one is sure to keep you awake and interested. It's smooth, classy and very vintage!

Just Kiddin' Around