Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gabriela Pepino...A mix of Brazilian Roots into American album released

Gabriela Pepino is a Brazillian native singer/songwriter who has just debuted her first album, "Let Me Do It". Gabriela's musical roots are planted in jazz, blues, soul and pop.

Some fast facts about Gabriela:
·      Gabriela is a former Berklee College of Music alumni
·      Gabriela has been a part of multiple jazz festivals around the world.
·      Gabriela sings in English instead of her native language Portuguese.

"Let Me Do It" exposes Gabriela's talent of being able to sing different styles of music from across the ages. The album is a mix of some old favorites ranging from a cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vincius de Morals's 1956 hit "Someone to Light Up My Life" to Tina Turner's 1993 hit song, "I Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore". Along with covers of old classics, she has some mixed in some of her own originals such as, "If I Lived in France."

Gabriela's choice of singing in English, instead of her native language, came as natural as her musical initiation." It was bigger than me! I've been writing these songs for the past four years!" adds Gabriela Pepino.

In times where figurative music and singers are programmed to follow the beat of the moment, Let Me Do It injects honesty and vitality to this often addicted business. Gabriela Pepino is a true singer that makes real music like old times. History – emphasis on Amy Winehouse's (1983-2011) success – has been kindly generous to those who follow this retro path with soul. Let Gabriela Pepino do it!

"Gabriela Pepino does not hide her jazz and bossa nova roots. Her refined “Let me do it”, shows that she’s here to stay." Rolling Stone Magazine (Brazil)

“It is amazing, how this voice that reminds me of powerfull african american singers, comes so naturally from this tiny beautiful blonde woman! Doesn’t look like it’s coming from her at all, it is fascinating!" Ronnie Von (Brazilian tv host)

“Gabriela is young, dedicated and focused, well qualified. It is very stimulating to be part of her talented development!" Gilvan de Oliveira – Latin Grammy Award winner guitarist

Genre: Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Comparison: Joss Stone, Duffy, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Elton John

go to Gabriela's Soundcloud Page for streaming music samples

It's amazing how naturally Gabriela faces a Blues like "Dose of Scotch" as if she was placed in a mid 20's cabaret. Her rhythmic skills shown in Baby, are a delight to all ears, Again proving her naturally talented skills as a songwriter/composer.


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