Saturday, September 20, 2014

L.A.Confidential original soundtrack Vintage Sounds from the 1950's

Compilation soundtracks are a great way to collect songs from different artists, eras and genres, and this soundtrack is no exception.  Each vintage recording from the 50s perfectly underscores every scene in the film and the 50s period itself. With a fine selection of artists including Gerry Mulligan, Kay Starr, Johnny Mercer, Chet Baker, Lee Willey, Joni James, Jackie Gleason and Betty Hutton - all household names at the time and musical kingpins in this award-winning, romantic crime thriller, this soundtrack is the perfect backdrop for some excellent vintage sounds. 

It was Jackie Gleason who was perhaps the first to introduce "mood" music - music for lovers - and it caught on big-time during most of the 50s. Picture long flowing hair on the women, cool martinis, a black and white legal system, racial tension between the haves and have-nots - and this soundtrack captures it almost perfectly. As a bonus, there are two tracks of the original motion picture score by Jerry Goldsmith, including the emotionally evocative closing credits with the understated trumpet lead. 

1. 'Badge Of Honor' - Jerry Goldsmith
2. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive - Johnny Mercer
3. The Christmas Blues - Dean Martin
4. Look For The Silver Lining - Chet Baker
5. Makin' Whoopee - Gerry Mulligan Quartet
6. Hit The Road To Dreamland - Betty Hutton
7. Oh! Look At Me Now - Lee Wiley
8. The Lady Is A tramp - Gerry Mulligan Quartet
9. Wheel Of Fortune - Kay Starr
10. But Not For Me - Jackie Gleason
11. How Important Can It Be - Joni James
12. Looking At You - Lee Wiley
13. Powder Your Face With Sunshine - Dean Martin
14. L.A. Confidential - Jerry Goldsmith