Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Indie artists The Gunboat Diplomats new album release "Manifest Destiny"...distinctive vintage vibe

The Gunboat Diplomats are an independent song shop in Jacksonville Beach, Florida that records original music with a vintage vibe in a variety of genres.

They have just completed the first two songs for their new record called “Manifest Destiny.” They are available for free streaming and downloading at Bandcamp ( and on their web site ( One is old school Bakersfield country and the other is folk.

The Gunboat Diplomats are the best-kept secret on the indie scene, and will be for the foreseeable future. Their melodic music, which is rich in harmonies with a distinctive vintage vibe, has been described as “music that is rich in harmonies with a distinctive vintage vibe.” When they are not writing and recording in Zoe Tribe Studios, they enjoy sending unsolicited promotional emails to unsuspecting recipients.

Also available: "Fine State of Affairs" album on Bandcamp HERE ..Songs for lonely hearts, obsessive lovers, and hopeless romantics